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Automation vs. employment?

19 Mar 2019
  • Arab Youth Center, IPIC, Abu Dhabi
  • 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM


  • Ameera Al Kithiri
  • Nahayan Al Hadrami
  • Ibrahim Al Sherawi
  • Ameera Al Hammadi
  • Ahmed Al Hammadi
  • Haleema Al Hmoodi

Judges Details

  • Ali Al Hammadi - Head of Department at ADDC
  • Hamad Al Hammadi - Head of Department at ADDC
  • Abdulla Al Badi - Head of Department at ADDC

Summary of Debate

Employment vs. Automation, a topic which has been debated for years and that touches the lives of Youth and young generations beginning decades ago. Youth participating in this debate focused on many aspects in this issue, including but not limited to the fact that this process has been happening for centuries, if not from the beginning of the creation of humans. Inventions which help things become automated do not mean that people loose jobs. While some jobs are lost, new ones are created. Youth in both teams presented valid arguments and, in the end, the team arguing for employment won.