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Electronic Games: are they truly harmful?

14 Jan 2019
  • TRA Offices Dubai
  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


  • Manar Mohammed
  • Waad Ahmed Ali
  • Maitha Abdulla
  • Sara Ahmad
  • Deena Al Marzooqi
  • Kaltham Anwar Al Taher

Judges Details

  • Adel Al Muhairi - Director of Information Security Department - Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
  • Majid Al Ali - Director of Information Security Services - Telecommunications Regulatory Authority
  • Ahmed Al Blooshi - Senior Information Security Analyst - TRA

Summary of Debate

Federal Youth Authority with Telecommunication Regularity Authority collaborated to host one of its important debates in technological aspect which is “Are Electronic games are really harmful?” and its effects on cultural, psychological, social and educational aspects on the society. The debate was hold on arguments and scientific evidences and both teams agreed on that electronic games are double edged sword and the balance in using it is needed.