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Globalization and its Effects on Cultural Identities

25 Sep 2018
  • UAE Mission at United Nations New York
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


  • Ghanim Hableel
  • Saif Awadh
  • Maya Yang
  • Ahmed Al Marzooqi
  • Abdulla AlHusam
  • Isaac Bayoh

Judges Details

  • His Excellency Majed Al Suwaidi - General Consul of the UAE Consulate in New York
  • Tasneem Al Ghamdi - Localization Content Specialist at Google
  • Alia Al Suwaidi - Head of Political Affairs at UAE Embassy in USA

Summary of Debate

This debate, hosted as a sideline event during the United Nation’s 74th General Assembly, discussed a topic that affects everyone worldwide: the effects of globalization on cultural identities. Moreover, it discussed the effects of globalization on two main forms of cultural manifestations: art and entertainment. These have a profound impact on all people, and especially on Youth. Will the effect of globalization on art and entertainment positively or negatively affect cultural identities? Will it cause diminishing interest in local culture? Finally, should there be regulations on importing art and entertainment from around the world? Youth from both arguments made interesting points, using valid reasoning to support their arguments.